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Ankith Gupta (born September 16, 2003), is an Indian record producer. Raised in Chennai India, he began a production career while in high school and became known for his successful single "7500" which has got a title from the Guinness World Records. The single features Shishiymoo, VAR!N, Almukhtar, Obeka, Ilon, Young S.C.O, Lay G, Filip Winther, King Sinister, Loud Silence, SWAT, BFAB & Yaaru. He makes use of a popular production software FL Studio


Ankith Gupta was born on September 16th 2003, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, where he attends his schooling at Sishya Adyar. After a brief stint of playing Keyboard during his middle school period ,he turned to making beats using Garageband in the seventh grade at the age of 12. This happened when his dad had bought an iPad. During his high school days Ankith Gupta made around five beats a day. Initially he wanted to produce R&B beats as he knew many singers of that genre. However he eventually turned his full attention toward hip hop production. As he continued to hone his production skills, while still in high school, he began utilizing online social media platforms, such as Instagram, to network with more established rap artists as well as beat submissions for potential music placements


During his high school, Ankith Gupta had gone to a show called The Summer Bang, that is where he first met the R&B singer Dan after having some conversations with him they struck a song together called "No Games", this was Ankith Gupta's first commercial track. Later during the middle of October 2019, Ankith Gupta came across a rapper whose name was Varun Anand "VAR!N". This is where his real music career started. Ankith Gupta and VAR!N put out a lot of collaborative singles. Slowly Ankith Gupta started to work with a lot of hip hop artists across the globe


During the world wide pandemic of Covid-19, Ankith Gupta, balancing his final years of schooling continued to make songs amidst all the commotion. In this period he achieved a total of 5 records, a Guinness World Record, two Asia Book Of Records and two India Book Of Records. Ankith became the youngest Hip-Hop Artist to be charted multiple times on i-Tunes Top 100 Charts. The music streaming platform Spotify made an official "This Is Ankith Gupta" playlist. Ankith released his debut album a collaboration with the Bangalore based rapper Dank Sinat₹a . He also produced two singles featuring the rappers of the Red Bull spotlight along with rapper VAR!N these tracks were co produced by RSHN

2021 - 2022 - 

During the span of the year, Ankith Gupta released, Asia's biggest feature album amplified by the label maajja, this album has 27 tracks, 51 artists, 7 languages, and 10+ genres. This album has got an amazing response worldwide.

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